Place Dynamics turns insight into strategy. We use our expertise in data collection and analysis to craft market-responsive and effective plans, advising our clients on real estate development, land use, economic development, and business development. Our staff bring decades of experience in fields including economic development, community planning, and market research. Established in 2005, we have led or contributed to more than 100 projects in 27 states and provinces.

"After 18 years in economic development and private land development, I realized that too many decisions were made without sound knowledge of the market. In government this leads to plans that sit on the shelf and in the private sector it leads to failed projects. We may enjoy looking at pretty pictures, but vision without reality is fantasy.


I formed Place Dynamics with the idea that we could help our clients make better choices - visionary, yet still grounded in reality. This is the idea that sets us apart from others. We guide our clients to choices that respond to real market opportunities. Strategies produce results. Plans are implemented. Projects get built. Businesses attain success."


-- Michael Stumpf, Principal



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