Downtown Ripon is an historic and attractive business district adjacent to Ripon College, which helps to draw visitors as well as students to supplement its resident market. Still, the downtown suffers from under-utilized and vacant buildings, and rents that make restoration cost prohibitive. This study seeks to address these conditions by finding market-viable uses including retail, services, office, and residential uses that can be successful in the downtown.

Significant elements of the market analysis include a ten-year projection of population and demographics within the trade area, evaluation of physical conditions including building suitability and traffic patterns, an inventory of existing uses, and an assessment of the competitive environment.

Potential demand for various uses was determined and market capture rates were applied to estimate the demand for retail goods and services.

Demand for office uses was estimated using trend analysis and considering the potential for college-related business activity.

The housing analysis addresses market rate and affordable units, with a particular focus on college students, seniors, and empty-nest households that may be attracted to downtown condominiums.

The study concludes with recommendations to bolster the downtown’s market position, including a leasing strategy. It identifies, prioritizes, and suggests the optimal uses for redevelopment sites in or near the district.

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Downtown Market Analysis and Leasing Strategy
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