New Hampshire’s North Country is cut off from regional population centers by the White Mountains to the south, and by the Canadian border on the north. Historically, natural resources have been the fuel for its leading industries; tourism and forest products. Manufacturing has been concentrated in paper and apparel. Most of the region’s apparel jobs succumbed to foreign competition by the 1980’s. In recent years, four of the region’s five paper mills have been shuttered.

The New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development retained Place Dynamics to assess new opportunities for business growth in the region, and to advise the State and local officials on effective marketing strategies to realize these new opportunities.

Our approach combined an analysis of industry trends, regional resources, and work force characteristics to determine a preliminary list of targets. This list was then ranked based on criteria including industry growth prospects, the comparative strength of competitive locations, the potential impacts of the industry on the local economy, and the resources that may be required to pursue the industry.

A detailed profile was prepared for each of the final targeted industries. This includes an overview of the industry and trends affecting it, typical employment needs, competitive locations, an assessment of regional capacity, and a statement of northern New Hampshire’s value proposition - why the industry will find the area attractive.

Finally, a strategic plan guides the State and local economic development organizations in building capacity and marketing to the selected industries.
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Outcome: The State of New Hampshire is currently implementing the plan to attract new industries in targeted sectors.
Industry Target Study and Marketing Plan
Coos County, New Hampshire