Fox River Corridor Redevelopment Plan
Appleton, Wisconsin
Appleton’s Fox River Corridor has a rich heritage. Originally a trading route, by the middle of the 1800’s the river’s energy had been harnessed to provide power for dozens of mills that lined its banks and locks. Paper-making soon came to dominate the valley.

One by one, the paper mills began to close beginning in the 1990’s. These old buildings and confined sites are not wellsuited to new industries, but may present opportunities for renovation or redevelopment as part of a new mixed-use district featuring offices, retail and dining venues, and hundreds of new residences.

Place Dynamicsworked with the City of Appleton to realize the vision of a vibrant mixed-use district in the Fox River Corridor, including the Industrial Flats, a large island bordering the downtown, and other sites along the river. This plan addresses the need to provide a smooth transition from heavy industry to new uses through phased redevelopment, preservation and interpretation of the area’s history, establishment of new open spaces and paths along the waterfront, an appropriate mix of residential and commercial uses, and design recommendations for new construction.

The plan builds upon our previous work to design the Jones Park Waterfront (2006), and create a plan for the downtown (2007).
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Project Outcomes

The plan was adopted in December of 2009. By Autumn of 2011 two development projects had been proposed. One calls for redevelopment of a shuttered manufacturing facility along the river. The second project will redevelop a 72-acre site atop a nearby bluff. After attempting and failing to gain support for another development pattern, the developer has adopted the concept design prepared by Place Dynamics in this plan.