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Gas Price Impact Calculator
March 2012
With the rapid increase in gas prices we started to wonder how rising costs would impact the abilty of companies to recruit workers - and how that might impact our economic development clients. This spreadsheet lets the user input and basic basic data such as commuting distance, wages, gas price, etc., and view how changes impact other variables. Defaults allow users to select urban, rural, or national average profiles. (Excel File)

2011 State of Wisconsin's Downtowns
April 2011
This report documents the results of the 2011 survey of Wisconsin downtowns. It provides insight into the priorities and concerns of local communities, and begins to collect benchmarking data that can be used to assess downtown programs. (report)

Why Model Programs Fail
November 2009
This brief article explores some of the reasons why otherwise sound programs sometimes fail. (read)

The Future of Downtown Retail
September 2009
What trends are emerging in downtown retail? Check out our analysis presented at the 2009 International Downtown Association Conference. This two-part article was published in the UW-Wisconsin's Let's Talk Business series. (part 1) (part 2)

Trouble in the Retail Sector: What's in Store for Communities?
January 2009
What are the implications of the retail sector crash for communities across the country, and how can they respond? (read)

Downtown and the Lifestyle Mall: Lessons Learned
December 2008
For decades downtowns have been admonished to learn from the malls. What have they learned from us? (read)

HGTV Revisited
November 2008
This article updates Making the Connection Between HGTV and Downtown Revitalization to take into account the effects of the retail and housing crashes. (read)

Tomorrow's Home Buyer
September 2008
How are demographics shaping our housing preferences once we come out of the recession? (read)

Pet Friendly? Why Catering to Pets Makes Cents
May 2008
The number of pets is growing rapidly, and our views of them are evolving. Savvy retailers and business districts are taking note. (read)

Something Unique: Adapting Special Purpose Buildings
March 2008
This article explores some of the advantages to adapting special purpose buildings, such as gas stations and theaters, to new uses. (read)

Making the Connection Between HGTV and Downtown Revitalization
November 2006
This widely-viewed article tied the popularity of home improvement shows and the rapid growth of home decor and related businesses in downtown and neighborhood commercial districts. (read)

Don't Underestimate the Potential of Open Air Markets
July 2006
Open air markets can be a viable tool in promoting entrepreneurship and business district revitalization. (read)

When Are Industry Clusters an Appropriate Economic Development Tool?
January 2006
The industry cluster approach is popular, but not always well understood. (read)
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