Market Research

Economic Development

Business District Planning

Community Planning

Small Business Consulting
Market Analysis / Market Feasibility
- Retail market analysis and site selection
- Lodging and hospitality market analysis
- Housing and mixed-use market analysis
- Industrial and office market analysis
- Tourism market analysis

Economic Development
- Economic development planning
- Industry target studies
- Industry cluster research
- Economic development marketing
- Entrepreneurial development strategies
- Market analysis or market feasibility studies
- Retail development and leasing strategies
- Industrial park feasibility and design
- Tourism development strategies
- Economic impact analysis

Business District Planning
- Downtown and neighborhood district revitalization
- Retail development and leasing strategies
- Market analysis and market feasibility
- Redevelopment planning
- Organizational development and training
- Urban design

Community Planning
- Comprehensive planning
- Neighborhood planning
- Economic and fiscal analysis
- Disaster recovery planning
- Park and recreation planning

Business Consulting
- Market research and feasibility studies
- Site selection and market optimization
- Customer targeting
- Business plan development
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Local Government
Comprehensive planning, neighborhood planning, business district planning, redevelopment planning, disaster recovery planning, economic development planning, economic impact analysis, urban design, park planning, market analysis/feasibility

State and Federal Government
Economic analysis, economic development planning, industry target studies, cluster research, entrepreneurial development programs, market analysis

Downtown and Neighborhood Business Organizations
Business district planning, redevelopment planning, urban design, organizational development, market analysis/feasibility, leasing strategies, tourism planning

Economic Development Organizations
Economic development planning, industry target studies, cluster research, economic development marketing, entrepreneurial development programs, economic impact analysis, redevelopment planning, business district revitalization, industrial park design, market analysis/feasibility, retail development planning, tourism planning

Real Estate Developers
Market analysis/feasibility, best use studies, development impact analysis, site planning/concept development, development facilitiation (Wisconsin only)

Retail and Other Businesses
Market analysis/feasibility, site selection, market optimization, customer targeting, business plan development