Appleton is a city of over 70,000 people located in northeastern Wisconsin. The 2010-2030 Comprehensive Plan was a three-year effort to craft a blueprint for development including future land use, transportation, economic development, housing, natural and cultural resources, and utilities and community facilities. Additionally, the plan updated the City's Parks and Recreation Master Plan and created detailed plans for three commercial corridors and the Fox River corridor.

The process began with visioning program including a community survey and multiple community meetings, resulting in a consensus vision for the city. Public input was courted throughout the plan, with frequent outreach, focus group meetings, workshops, and public meetings. The resulting plan was adopted on unanimous votes of the Plan Commission and Common Council.

Except for its northern edge, Appleton is ringed by other cities that limit its growth potential. This has led the community to show strong support for preserving its existing neighborhoods, revitalizing its downtown, and promoting redevelopment on underutilized sites such as former factories along the Fox River. Elsewhere, the city is working with its neighbors on issues of regional concern, such as planning to revitalize College Avenue, which serves as the major entry to Appleton's downtown.
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Appleton's Commercial Corridors

South Oneida Street, Wisconsin Avenue, and Richmond Street began developing as commercial arterials in the late 1800's, although most of their development occurred in the years after World War Two.

Although they serve stable neighborhoods of mostly small single family homes, newer commercial areas with large grocery and big box stores have shifted shopping patterns away from these corridors. This is particularly true of Wisconsin Avenue, which has more commercial space than the market will support.

Strategies for these corridors include introducing more mixed-use development, as well as high density residential on Wisconsin Avenue. Richmond Street will be positioned to serve as the neighborhood shopping district for the downtown and adjacent neighborhoods. The opportunities for South Oneida Street include medical offices and other uses associated with St. Elizabeth Hospital.
2010 - 2020 Comprehensive Plan
Appleton, Wisconsin